Runescape Auto Switcher

Automating tedious clicks on Runescape with a press of a button


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#1 Leading Runescape Auto Switcher

We would like to introduce to you the number #1 leading rs auto switcher/rs auto clicker that is taking over the Runescape realm.

[OLD] Switching

Required 11 Clicks

[NEW] Switching

Hotkey Pressed

User Friendly Preset Builder Web Gui

We made sure to build a web interface that would be easy to use. With our advanced web gui you will be able to pick from 100s of Runescape items and have up to 9 presets at once, with unlimited profiles meaning you can have unlimited presets at once!

RAS is constantly evolving and upgrading their system.

We have all of the following in our Web GUI:

  • 500+ Items to choose from including weapons, armor, shields, capes, etc
  • Popular Food Items
  • All Potion Items
  • All Prayers
  • Most Magic Spells
  • Unequiping Items
  • Special Attack
  • Default Hotkeys
  • Unlimited Profiles

Switcher Preset Software Preview

Compatibility List

Rank Servers Status
1 Old School Runescape Compatible
2 Dawntained Compatible
3 Alora Compatible
4 BattleScape Oldschool Compatible
5 Onyx Compatible
6 LetsPK Compatible
7 RuneWild Compatible
8 Frantic Compatible
9 ASCENSION317 Compatible
10 ARCANE-PS Compatible

From Our Users

Runescape Auto Switcher made pking a different pking. I do not know how I lived with out this. Thank you so much for making this!


This should be made a standard implement in Runescape. This concept and everything you guys have done is absolutely amazing. Thank you for an amazing product.


Why you should choose us?

We have built a revolutional automation tool that will help streamline tedious keystrokes and mouse movement when doing various activities on Runescape. We tried to make it so we are not flooding Runescape with bots that do not require activity. We simply want to streamline the things you do every day on runescape, while playing. This advanced piece of software can change the way you play for the better.